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So there sat Granny, like every other day, on her porch minding her own business - when a weird metallic whine soared over the hillside. Granny got up to investigate. She looked to the sky... and it grew dark, crowded with circular shadows.

Granny knew exactly what was going on: a massive invasion by space aliens!

What the reviewers are saying:

Clock Rocket hasn't let me down yet, and Shotgun Granny is no exception!” 

“I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a cute game where you can blast the heck out of UFOs.”

 “Shotgun Granny, WTF? Not really. Don't be fooled by her innocent looks, this chick is a die-hard, thrill seeking, freakazoid!” 

“This game is a blast, and OpenFeint makes it that much better. Highly addictive! A MUST HAVE, for any iPhone or iTouch. Pick It up!!!”

“I would post a longer review but that would be messing with my playing time!”

"ClockRocket has very quickly become my favorite developer for great pick up and play games!"

Keywords: game, humor, shooter, arcade, sci-fi, ufo, granny, shotgun


- Achievements and online leaderboards via Open Feint!
- Explosive shotgun blasting action!
- Get multiple kills per shot for huge points!
- Unlock hilarious Granny dialog with multi-kill combos!
- Surprising depth! Easy to play, but difficult to master.
- Collect Ammunition, Super-speed and Mega-bomb powerups.

Languages: English

Requirements: iPhone operating system version 2.2.1 or later


9/21/09 - Huge updates!

Deadshot 1.1

- ONLINE Leader-boards! Shoot your way to the top of the Open Feint ladder!
- ONLINE Achievements! Unlock a crypt-full of cool, challenging achievements!
- NEW USER-INTERFACE! Updated and otimized ui system with new graphics.
- BETTER SHOTGUN! More powerful, more damaging, overall much better!
- FASTER RIFLE! Considerably quicker reloading for the rifle!
- New player tutorial! Detailed instructions teach you how to dominate the undead!

AstroBlast 1.1

- ONLINE Leader-boards! Blast your way to the top of Open Feint's leader-boards!
- ONLINE Achievements! Dominate asteroids and UFOs alike to unlock a host of cool achievements!
- Updated, optimized user-interface system.
- Improved weapon performance! (Faster refire rates!)
- More ammunition from Gems! (Chance for up to 50% more ammunition!)

Dreadmill 1.1

- ONLINE Leader-boards! Jump and duck your way to dominance on Open Feint!
- ONLINE Achievements! Unlock a host of cool narrative achievements!
- Updated, optimized user-interface system.
- Improved audio! Bone cracks and joint snaps when the zombie does his thing!
- Reversed direction of sawblades (for those sawmill purists)!

Laser Core 1.1

- ONLINE Leader-boards support! Dominate the Open Feint leader-boards!
- ONLINE Achievements! Unlock an array of cool achievements!
- Updated, optimized user-interface system.